A world traveler from a young age, Mireille Fournier is a Swiss born Artist who has made her home in Southern California since 1995.

Beauty and artistry have been an integral part of Mireille’s expression throughout her life. Careers as an actress, hairstylist, and acclaimed massage therapist to high profile clientele, have provided many experiences which have enriched her life to the fullest. Complimenting these endeavors, Mireille is a passionate cook, and possesses a masterful talent for knitting and décor, as well as a seemingly magical facility with plants. Each of these activities has prepared Mireille for her latest creative enterprise. She is thrilled to pursue her passion as a self-taught painter being  personally mentored by acclaimed painters such as New Zealand Artists Richard Robinson, John Crump and Top Carmel Plein Air Artist Scott Hamill.

Her love for Art  provides the unique opportunity to express the breadth of her lifetime of diverse and colorful experiences on canvas. Mireille’s essential love for design, and the intense satisfaction obtained from crafting unique art by hand provides her with a tremendous sense of joy, a sensation which is readily evident in the depth and colorful impact of her work.
As an artist, Mireille enjoys exploring a range of  painting style in realism, impressionism and Abstract with Oils, Pastels, Charcoal and pencil drawing. The inspiration for her work is derived not only from the many places to which she has lived, traveled and the experiences gained with varying world cultures, but also from the special moments of everyday life, which include raising a young son with autism.

 The reception for Mireille’s work has exceeded her wildest expectations, attaining popularity rather quickly. Mireille has produced (and continues to accept) commissioned orders for Pets, Landscapes, and Memories from Photographs, as well as other personal inspirations. Please feel free to contact the Artist regarding concepts of your own that you may desire to see brought to life on canvas.